Cindie Dodenbier


Cindie is a native of Utah and has lived her entire life here to
serve her people. She has been in pain management for over
20 years and with LSPMC for 7+ years. She is a very
dedicated, sensitive provider and cares deeply for her
She believes that Pain Management has been her passion and higher calling over the years and has run 4 chronic pain
management programs in her pain management career. She
always believed in the philosophy of patient safety and her
highest priority is to deliver the appropriate and adequate
care to her patients.
She uses her ‘5 rules of Pain Management’: #1 Improve
quality of life; #2 Increase Function; #3 Decrease pain; #4
Minimize side effects; and #5 Safety. She does not mind to
go the extra mile to accomplish her goal to provide the best
care for her patients and is well liked by them. Cindie
obtained her BSN in 1998 “Magna Cum Laude.” She is
double board certified in Family Nursing Practice (ANCC)
and American Academy of Pain Management. Cindie is
especially excited to join our team to add her extensive
experience and commitment to excellence to the continued
culture of best patient care at Lifespring PMC.

Cindie is also a patient educator and has spoken for several
pharmaceutical companies including Teva (formally
Cephalon), Forrest, and Pfizer. She was honored with Top
Patient Educator and Patient Teaching Award in 1999. She
hosted the radio program Medical Moment on KDXU St.
George for four years. Cindie is married to the love of her
life, Bruce Dodenbier and together they have raised 10 kids and now are the proud grandparents of 18 grandchildren.

She loves family time, reading, hiking, rock hounding, farming, crocheting, and quiet time.

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