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News Article: Standard-Examiner

Pain doctor relies on faith to help patients

KAYSVILLE — Christian “Kris” Obah is one man who lives up to his name.

A doctor at the Lifespring Pain Management Center in Kaysville and Ogden, Obah has made a successful career out of living his Christian faith.

“I believe my patients are well today because God blesses my work,” Obah said. “That’s what He said in His Bible and the Bible is true. I don’t see anything I do as my own intelligence. I see it as God’s handy work. I give Him all the glory.”

Obah said his goal always is to love his neighbor as himself.

“I don’t treat my patients as patients,” he said. “I treat them as friends and relatives. I try to be a blessing to them.”

Obah quoted one of his pastors where he attends services at Alpine Church: “When we focus on being a blessing to others, God will make sure we will be blessed abundantly.”


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