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Superion® Indirect Decompression System (IDS)

a Kaysville Pain Management Treatment

About The Treatment

Millions of Americans are affected by chronic back and leg pain every year, often resulting in loss of mobility, lost work, and warranted frustrations. Unfortunately, open back surgery is not feasible for many of these individuals, especially since it can lead to complications such as surgical scars, post-surgical pain, and a lengthy recovery time that requires weeks away from work. Fortunately, there is new a treatment option that provides patients with the possibility of a completely pain-free lifestyle.

Introducing The Superion ® Indirect Decompression System (IDS)

The FDA recently approved a new treatment option for moderate lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), and it’s called the Superion ® Indirect Decompression System (IDS). This minimally invasive procedure is safe and effective for patients suffering from back and leg pain caused by moderate lumbar stenosis. Moreover, this treatment is often recommended for patients who have not experienced pain relief from conservative therapy but still require a treatment that is considered a step below invasive surgery.

If you’re interested in undergoing this procedure,  you can look no further than Lifespring Pain Management Center to perform the minimally invasive surgery. Why?


Well, for starters, the board certified pain management specialists at Lifespring Pain Management Center are among the first and only physicians to be trained in this therapy.

How Is The Superion ® Indirect Decompression System (IDS) Performed?

If you have moderate LSS with radiating leg pain and have been treated with non-surgical options for at least 6 months with no relief from your symptoms, the Superion IDS may be a favorable treatment option for you. Unlike direct decompression or fusion surgery, the Superion IDS uses a small titanium device that is available in different sizes to best match your spinal anatomy.

During the procedure, a Lifespring Pain Management Center physician makes a small incision in the lower back to make room for the implant. The Superion implant is then delivered to the damaged spinal disc with no destruction the nearby bone or tissue, resulting in minimal bleeding. This simple procedure can be completed in under one hour and can be done in either the operating room at the hospital or at an outpatient surgical center.

The Superion implant allows patients to stand upright without pinching the nerves in the back. Furthermore, this procedure ensures you do not need to bend forward to relieve your pain. If you’re skeptical about the procedure, don’t be. The Superion IDS went through a rigorous clinical trial and has been implanted in more than 2,000 patients worldwide. The clinical trial results demonstrated an improvement in leg pain compared to more traditional—and invasive—treatment options. Four years after patients underwent this procedure, almost 90% of them expressed continuing satisfaction.

This new treatment for LSS offers a minimally invasive approach to treating moderate lumbar stenosis, which means hope for relief of ongoing pain without the long recovery that often accompanies traditional decompression surgery. If you’ve been down the treatment road already and want real, long-lasting relief, talk to your Lifespring Pain Management Center provider about the Superion Indirect Decompression System.

Where can I find out more information?

If you have lumbar spinal stenosis and would like to see if you are a candidate for this procedure, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our board certified spine and pain specialists that have been trained in the Vertiflex procedure.

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