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We provide compassionate, loving, caring, nonjudgmental pain management services.

Kaysville Pain Management Center

Our goal and highest priority are for you to spring back to life without the limitations from pain.


Lifespring Pain Management Center is the leading pain management clinic in Kaysville, Utah. Our goal is to provide compassionate, loving, caring, nonjudgmental service to you, treating your pain, restoring your hope and dignity, improving your quality of life and eventually helping you to spring back to life from the limitations of chronic pain.


Our pain management doctors provide world-class, utmost professional care and a dynamic, team-oriented approach to offer relief for chronic pain. Conditions we treat include knee pain, back pain, neck pain, abdominal/pelvic pain, sciatic pain, peripheral/diabetic neuropathy, migraines and headaches, thoracic pain, herniated disc pain, failed back surgery, fibromyalgia, whiplash, car accident injuries, work related injuries, myofascial pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain syndrome, spinal stenosis, occipital neuralgia, sports injuries, vertebral compression fractures, post-herpetic neuralgia, certain neurologic conditions, and more.


As leading pain doctors, our Kaysville wellness center looks forward to treating even the most difficult and unusual cases.


As patient safety is our top priority, our Kaysville pain management team offers specialized medical care techniques for most chronic pain conditions that are:


  • Non-Surgical

  • Effective

  • FDA-Approved

  • Multi-Modality

  • Performed by Board Certified Doctors


Our specialized pain management treatments not only help with pain, but they also help in the healing process, and help our patients regain their quality of lives.


If you’ve explored other healthcare solutions (such as surgery, OTC medication, or regular chiropractic care) for your chronic pain condition and haven’t seen any success, Lifespring Pain Management Center has the pain doctors you need to see.

We see patients all over Utah from KaysvilleOgden, Farmington, Layton, Roy, and even Salt Lake City. 

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